some of you may remember that i helped a friend record his album, Like Rasputin, back in the day by playing violin on some tracks. i tend to talk about it frequently, because i'm particularly proud of it. i mean, the album was just so good.

i do almost-daily searches for my name on google, to keep up with what's out there about me. mostly i get the same stuff: my embarrassing documentation on wonkette, youtube videos, PETA press releases... but today i stumbled across this "artist's profile" on some site called Discogs. it made me feel kind of important.

i warn you: if you google my name, you'll have to sift through the lawyers, cops, kids kissing minnie mouse (of which none are me), the horribly sad poem to christopher mcdonough, and other ridiculous things if you're not sure exactly who i am. and for the love of god, do not look at wonkette. ever.

also, i have never, ever been a navy boyfriend. just saying.


SmallDeer™'s Nike Campaigns

these ads and images are so striking and beautiful. using vibrant colours, fresh imagery and some of the simplest ideas i've seen executed well in advertising, SmallDeer™ gives runners everywhere something to look forward to. check these web blips out.

(for more clips from the Victory campaign, check out the SmallDeer™ Web site linked to above.)


///40% Mixtape Vol. 1: worldfallingdown.

it's getting colder out. i wanted to share what the fall feels like for me. so, i'd like to present you with the first ///40% mixtape: world falling down.

world falling down.


cartoon skeletons by Hyungkoo Lee.

in an exhibit in switzerland, south korean artist hyungkoo lee has created skeletons of what may lie beneath cartoon character's skin. among the characters were bubs bunny, donald duck, tom & jerry and donald's three nephews, huey, dewey, and louie. they're equally morbid and equally amazing.


///40% loves EQ3.

realizing that once my home was all unpacked and set up i still needed odds and ends, i decided to spend my money at EQ3 immediately after getting paid. (not always the best idea, but very fruitful.) i have a tendency to shop in black and white, so you'll see a lot of that in my decor. but i also am a fan of soft colors in contrast, and occasional splashes of bright colors in unexpected places. i'm also pretty scattered, owing to the fact that it's been quite a while since i've had my own place. (that's another story for another blog or after-school special.)

one thing you won't see is one of those russian doll things... you know, the ones that get smaller and smaller. i thought it would be really cute to have
a set of those above the sink in the kitchen. the kitchen is such a family-friendly place, and since there's just two of us in our home, i figured the more the better! i still have to go to target to grab some necessities, and of course decorating is a process so i'll be going at this for several more months i'm sure, as money is available.

for now, here's my EQ3 finds (mostly from the summer s
ale). [pictured above are the artichoke tea light holders. i got 4 of these. two for the bathroom, and two for elsewhere.]

this tray is pretty awesome. it comes flat, and you fold the pliable wood into this bowl that's actually much larger than it seems in this picture. perfect for holding things like the beautiful red peppers above in a modern kitchen.

this bowl caught my eye from outside of the store. it's vaguely oceanic, in a coral sort of way. it's very deep, and will look beautiful on any surface. and at half-price, who wouldn't splurge?

i love trays. it's true. i'm a big fan of decorative and functional. i haven't quite decided where this will go yet. we'll see. i love the starbursts, though. (and yes, i realize that starbursts are a dying trend... again.)

i got a complete set of these glasses. (except the champagne flutes.) they're deep, and sturdy. but not only that, completely classy. i'm very excited to make these a part of my informal dinner experience. hopefully they'll make up for the fact that i don't have a dining table. think they'll go with floor cushions?

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